API References


cardano-graphqlSoon available.

About cardano-wallet

Cardano-wallet comes with a command-line interface that can be used as a quick alternative to cURL or wget to interact with a server running on localhost. Every endpoint of the API is mapped to a corresponding command which often offers a better user experience than directly interacting with the API as a human (API are for programs, command-lines are for humans).

For example, restoring a wallet goes normally through POST /byron-wallets, or can be done interactively with

$ cardano-wallet wallet create MyWallet

The command line also provides some useful helpers like a command to generate mnemonic sentences, or doing key derivation. For more details, see the wallet command-line user manual.


cardano-addresseshttps://input-output-hk.github.io/cardano-addresses/haddock/Soon available.
cardano-transactionshttps://input-output-hk.github.io/cardano-transactions/haddock/Soon available.
cardano-coin-selectionhttps://input-output-hk.github.io/cardano-coin-selection/haddock/Soon available.
bech32https://input-output-hk.github.io/bech32/haddock/See https://github.com/bitcoinjs/bech32

About cardano-transactions

In addition to the low-level library, cardano-transactions also provides a command-line interface (cardano-tx) to construct transactions directly in the terminal. Check out the repository’s documentation and examples to see example usage.