Bug Classification

Our software defects are tracked with Jira issues. Here is the list of unresolved bugs in the Adrestia project.

We classify bugs by two criteria, which are related but not exactly the same thing.

1. Severity

Indicates the impact on users and how much functionality is affected. The severity is assessed by the engineering and QA team working on the system.

The Jira issue Severity / Probability Score field shows how bad the defect is.

SeverityDescription / Example
1A core function of the system isn’t responsive or is returning invalid data.
2Visible impact on a core function or significant performance degradation.
3Small defects that do not prevent any crucial functionality from working. Could some uninformative error or some bearable performance degradation.
4Defect that won’t result in any noticeable disruption of the system, e.g. typo in a message.

2. Priority

Priority defines which issues should be addressed first.

The priority value is set by the product team based on business requirements, the severity of the defect, estimated time to fix it, and other factors such as impact on the user experience.

High severity defects will tend to have a higher priority, but this is not necessarily always the case.

PriorityDescription / Example
HighestRequires immediate attention. Critical issue that needs to be fixed ASAP and released as hotfix.
HighNeeds to be addressed as soon as possible, probably within current sprint.
MediumA bug that needs to be addressed after ongoing stories and tasks. For instance can be planned for next sprint.
LowWould eventually require attention if time allows it.


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  • QA Approach

    Every bug becomes a ticket in GitHub. It is described with clear reproduction path, actual and expected outcome with any additional information that may be useful (logs, screenshots etc.) and classified according to our classification guidelines. We use severity for defining impact on the system and priority for indicating the importance from product standpoint.

  • Issue Tracking
    Bug is assigned Priority by Team Lead or Product Manager according to Bug Classification.
    The bug is assigned a Severity / Probability Score by the creator according to Bug Classification