Most Daedalus users are on Windows.

How to run Windows

These are some options for running your code on Windows without having to boot your system into Windows.

Setting up a Windows 10 VirtualBox

See the PowerShell script iohk-setup.ps1 for a semi-automated way of getting a development and testing environment for Windows 10.

Using GitHub pipelines

GitHub (a division of Microsoft) allow you to run CI actions on Windows for free.

Use runs-on: windows-latest in the pipeline file.

Renting a Windows VM in the cloud

Amazon Web Services have Windows AMIs that you can spin up. Windows Server 2016 is similar to Windows 10 (Wikipedia).

Ask devops for AWS credentials for the IOHK development account.

Setting up RDP and the initial password is a bit of a pain.

Building for Windows

cross-compiling for windows

phyx ghc packages on choco

Windows/Haskell Issues

TODO: Document the issues that we commonly encounter when developing Haskell code for windows.

terminating processes

path separators

forbidden filenames

temp directories

file locking (exclusive access)

io with the ghc rts (i.e. deadlocks)

filesystem mtime resolution



  • How to set up a SSH server on Windows 10 with Powershell?

  • How to set up a WSL installation with a Powershell script?

  • Does Nix work under WSL? WSL2?

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