cardano-api-1.36.0: The cardano api
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class NodeToClientVersionOf a where Source #

The query a is a versioned query, which means it requires the Node to support a minimum Node-to-Client version.

Background: The node to client protocol is such that it will disconnect on any unrecognised queries. This means that for a Node-to-Client connection, if a query is sent that was introduced in a Node-to-Client version that is newer than the Node-To-Client version of the connection, the node will disconnect the client. The client will not get any information about why the disconnect happened. This is a bad user experience for tools such as the CLI.

To improve the user experience the API needs to prevent the sending of queries that are newer than the Node-To-Client version of the connection by checking the version of the query before sending it. This affords the ability to return UnsupportedNtcVersionError, informing the caller of a Node-To-Client versioning issue.

For maintaining typeclass instances, see the NodeToClientVersion type documentation for a list of versions and the queries that were introduced for those versions.

Error types