cardano-cli-1.36.0: The Cardano command-line interface
Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred




newtype DelegationsAndRewards Source #

A mapping of Shelley reward accounts to both the stake pool that they delegate to and their reward account balance. TODO: Move to cardano-api

data ShelleyQueryCmdLocalStateQueryError Source #

An error that can occur while querying a node's local state.


AcquireFailureError !AcquireFailure 
EraMismatchError !EraMismatch

A query from a certain era was applied to a ledger from a different era.


The query does not support the Byron protocol.


The Shelley protocol only supports the Shelley era.

determineEraConsensusModeParams mode → LocalNodeConnectInfo mode → IO (Either AcquiringFailure AnyCardanoEra) Source #

Query the node to determine which era it is in.

percentage Source #


∷ RelativeTime

tolerance. If b - a < tolerance, then 100% is reported. This even if we are tolerance seconds behind, we are still considered fully synced.

→ RelativeTime

nowTime. The time of the most recently synced block.

→ RelativeTime

tipTime. The time of the tip of the block chain to which we need to sync.


Calculate the percentage sync rendered as text.

executeQuery ∷ ∀ result era mode. CardanoEra era → ConsensusModeParams mode → LocalNodeConnectInfo mode → QueryInMode mode (Either EraMismatch result) → ExceptT ShelleyQueryCmdError IO result Source #