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Network Team Update

· One min read
Marcin Szamotulski

The networking team took an active part in the project iteration (PI) planning session, see cardano-node backlog for detailed outcomes.

  • We started working on a detailed design / implementation plan for gossip.

  • We merged input-output-hk/ouroboros-network#3859 which sets the ouroboros-network repository for the single relay release.

  • We identified a bug in the network simulator, which is fixed in the input-output-hk/ouroboros-network#3852. The above PR was reviewed.

  • We set the tracing configuration for nodes which we deploy and fixed and identified some deployment hiccups. We identified some bugs in the RT view which were registered by the maintainers. input-output-hk/ouroboros-network-ops#4

  • We fixed typos in network-mux library: input-output-hk/ouroboros-network#3921

  • For easy of debugging we renamed a trace point: input-output-hk/ouroboros-network#3922

  • Duncan iterated on his simulation / visualisation. He also was able to identify and fix a bug in the simulator. The simulation contains 50 nodes. Dashed lines indicate and established connection, while solid lines indicate a TCP connection with fully open TCP window.