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Ledger Team Update

· 2 min read
Jared Corduan

Ledger Update

We have been focused nearly entirely on addressing technical debt.

  • We introduced more consistent naming across eras, this time for the auxiliary data. See 3032.
  • We made clear how the consumed functions differs between eras (which was a previous source of confusion), and added some related support to the fledgling ledger API. See 3016.
  • We added clarity and organizational consistency to the main ledger era type synonyms. See 3017.
  • We removed code duplication related to the input data hashes. See 3018.
  • We split up a large module into smaller components. The large module was actually causing our CI to time out. See 3020.
  • We cleaned up stale information in our cabal files, and upgraded cabal 3.8. See 3023, 3031, and 3028.
  • We made consistent, standalone TxOut (transaction output) modules for every era. See 3024.
  • We brought consistency to a maddening inconsistent use of type variables indicating the specific choice of cryptographic primitives. In particular, all uses of crypto have been renamed to c. See 3027.
  • We did a clean up of the types in the Alonzo era. In particular, we switched to more parametric types that will compose better in the future and which simplifies the constraints. See 3029.
  • We consolidated some existing fragmented logic regarding how we gather the scripts needed for a given transaction. This is a much needed cleanup to prevent future mistakes. See 3019.
  • We fixed a problem with our generators that was causing a fair number of our property tests to fail in CI. See 3039.
  • We have started the work to update Plutus. This will bring support for SECP in the next major protocol version, and also address a problem that we current have evolving the cost models. See 3030.
  • We addressed a small issue that came up when integrating the conway era downstream, namely the lack of some serialization instances. See 3022.