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Network Team Update

· 3 min read
Marcin Szamotulski

Network Update

Ouroboros Network

Ouroboros Consensus

  • Recently we found out that the consensus does not log exceptions thrown during intiialisation. This was fixed in PR input-output-hk/ouroboros-network#4015 As part of this pull request we also changed that all exceptions rethrown by the connection handler thread are wrapped in ExceptionInHandler.

Some older items, which were not announced

  • We identified and fixed an issue related to socket activation (socket options where not set for sockets passed through socket activation). PR input-output-hk/cardano-node#3979 This fix will be released in the next cardano-node release.

Cardano Node

  • We extended the NixOs service module so that one can modify socketPath, runtimeDir, databasePath, traceSocketPathAccept, traceSocketPathConnect and stateDir options. PR input-output-hk/cardano-node#4196


We resolved a number of issues before release of io-sim on hackage:

See PR #24.

We also improved experience for contributors of io-sim and typed-protocols by adding issue templates:

Typed Protocols

Input Endorsers Simulation

New features include:

  • Histograms of block arrival frequency, for both network (inbound) and CPU (block validation). This is interesting to check that we're not overloading the CPU block validation capacity, or network link capacity. Or alternatively to observe the behaviour in an overload situation if we set the block generation rate high enough.

  • Pie chart of utilisation of TCP links. This shows how small a fraction of links are being used at any one time, and shows that once the system "warms up" and is operating stably, most block delivery is ballistic.

  • Showing off the new screen layout combinators, that let us put multiple charts, titles etc on screen at once and scale them to whatever screen or video resolution we like without having to tweak numbers (this example is scaled to fit 1080HD video resolution).