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Ledger Team Update

· 3 min read
Jared Corduan

Ledger Update

We have continued focusing nearly entirely on addressing technical debt. A lot of design work has begun for the next ledger era, but we do not yet have anything concrete to share.

Technical debt issues completed

  • [issue-1676][pull-2992] We have finally removed the ledger dependency on the cardano-prelude package. It was barely used in the ledger repository, and it added a dependency that we did not want to maintain. It was a bit difficult to remove, and we had to coordinate removing it from cardano-base. A lot ended up going into pull-2992, due to the coordination effort, and we ended up updating Plutus as well. This means that we've now also made a lot of progress on the problematic cost model serialization issues described in issue-2902. In particular, after we resolve issue-3014, we will not have to wait an epoch before releasing a cost model for a new version of Plutus, as we had to do for the Vasil HF.
  • [issue-3046][pull-3055] We moved a module that is now only used in Byron to a Byron package.
  • [issue-3047][pull-3054] We improved the interface to the Value (multi-asset) type.
  • [pull-3044] We debugged and fixed a tricky compilation issue. Certain kinds of field updates were adding approximately 20 minutes to our compile time!
  • [issue-2932][pull-3036] As a part of our ongoing re-organization of the codebase, we have added a Cardano.Ledger.[Era].Core module to each ledger era that has a TxBody class. Most classes defined in the era should go in this new module. We also re-export the Cardno.Ledger.Core module and the previous Cardano.Ledger.[Era].Core modules from each era.

Technical debt in progress

  • [issue-3034][issue-3035][node-issue-4421] We are continuing to write benchmarks to understand exactly where all the time is being spent on executing the TICKF transition. The consolidation of the per-stake-credential stake distribution to the per-stake-pool distribution does seem to account for a large amount of time (near a second as written, which we have down to about half a second with some optimizations), but this does not account for everything. Applying the reward update may also be a big contributing factor.
  • [pull-3033][pull-3038][pull-3041] A separate team is working on upgrading all the cardano-node repositories to work with ghc 9.2.4. We have been helping out with this effort.
  • The nix scripts used to build our new formal ledger model do not work consistently for everyone, and we have been working on fixing these issues.
  • [issue-3014] We are still working on adding a versioning scheme to all of the ledger serializers.