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DB Sync Team Update

· 2 min read
Kostas Dermentzis

DBSync Update

Fast restarts

We fixed a long overdue issue in db-sync which caused long delays on restarts 1266. This has been one of db-sync main objectives for this period. Restarts are now very fast, because db-sync deletes almost nothing from the db, it just replays the ledger rules until it reaches the tip of the db. The fix also improves reconnection speed, in cases where the node restarts or the connection is temporarily lost. It also speeds up even more in cases where due to a deployment mess up a very old snapshot or no snapshot at all is used.

Property based testing

We added stateful property based testing, using quickcheck-state-machine 1269. These tests use empty or almost empty blocks to test the new behaviour of restarts and rollbacks.

These tests generate arbitrarily a list of symbolic commands from these:

RollForward Int
RollBack BlockNo
AssertBlockNo BlockNo

The commands are translated into real commands. For example RollForward Int will forge a new block that fits on the current chain. These real commands are executed against db-sync using the mock chain-sync server. The symbolic commands are executed against a vesy simplistic Model of db-sync which looks like this:

{ serverTip :: BlockNo
, dbSyncTip :: BlockNo
, dbSynsIsOn :: Bool
, dbSynsHasSynced :: Bool

Finally a number of postconditions are checked, related to the eventual block number of db-sync.

Tech Debt

We handled a number of tech debt in 1275 This improves the code format of db-sync, deletes many queries that were never used and groups the others. This tech debt resolution not only improves the experience of working in db-sync, but can facilitate some of our other objectives, as it makes it very explicit which queries are used during syncing and which indexes are necessary.


We worked on fixing an issue related to fetching pool metadata 1276. The issue which is described in 1270