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Hydra Team Update

· 2 min read
Sebastian Nagel

High level summary

This week, the hydra team worked on implementing ADR18 to get backup & restore functionality of the hydra-node over the line. Although not fully there yet, an early version of that feature was already needed and succesfully tested by SundaeSwap in their recent demonstration of their DEX running on Hydra. The team also worked on the updated specificaton, met with the researchers and discussed a solution for how to secure rollbacks "past the opening of a Head". We also reponded to recent requests for static executables and prioritized that feature higher, implemented it and merged it.

What did the team achieve this week

  • Last week we thought we were done with ADR18, but were not ...
  • ... instead, SundaeSwap has been preparing their Rare bloom Hydra demo & needed assistence.
  • Implemented a first version for persistence #187 in response.
  • Enhanced CI to publish test results on our website
  • Engineering meeting -> discussed rollbacks and discovered a solution for the rollback past open problem!
  • Pulled static executable feature #200 into scope, implemented it and merged it!
  • Received and read through a project proposal by a vendor (building a Hydra platform).

What are the goals of next week

  • Get backup/recovery #187 done with proper event sourcing (ADR18)
  • Cut the next release, version 0.8.0
  • Address open comments on specification document & complete the list of identified gaps between specification and implementation #452
  • Have the CI build macos artifacts