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Ledger Team Update

· 3 min read
Jared Corduan

High level summary

The ledger team is still primarily focused on addressing technical debt. We now have the infrastructure for versioning our serialization schemes, which we continue to put into action. We have made first steps towards getting proper support for the formal ledger repository (in particular, we've added nix builds and continuous integration support). We are wrapping up an investigation of the performance of a critical function used by the consensus layer for leader checks. Finally, we are improving the packaging and versioning of our code.

Lower level summary

Completed Technical Debt

  • Because the Shelley ledger era was a complete re-write of the Byron ledger era, a lot of our code lives in the cardano-ledger-shelley package, though with hindsight we can say that much of it should live in cardano-ledger-core. We continue to move things to cardano-ledger-core, and have much more to come. [pull-3059]
  • We now have the infrastructure to support versioned serialization schemes. The inability to do this has caused us a lot difficulties, such as [issue-3003], [issue-2965] and [issue-2444]. We are still in the process of switching to the versioned serialization scheme (such as [pull-3078]), but the infrastructure was completed in [pull-3063].
  • We now have proper nix and CI support for the formal ledger project. [pull-19]
  • A separate team is helping bring support for CHaP to all the cardano-node repositories. We have been helping out with this effort.
  • A separate team continues working on upgrading all the cardano-node repositories to work with ghc 9.2.4. We have been helping out with this effort.

In-progress Technical Debt

We also have several fairly large pull-requests in review that we are working on.

  • In an on-going attempt to build out a more user-friendly API, we continue to remove HasField instances in place of using micro-lenses. The protocol parameters, in particular, are being worked on. [pull-3045]
  • We are also renaming record fields to be consistent across the repository. [pull-3062]
  • We are now cleaning up all the work we did to understand the performance of the TICKF transition. We have some improvements to the computatation as well. [pull-3068]
  • We are adding more documentation, in particular to our Twiddler functionality. [pull-3073]
  • The formal ledger is adding support for finite set theory. [pull-20]