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Hydra Team Update

· One min read
Sebastian Nagel

High level summary

This week, the hydra team completed several user experience improvements to the hydra-tui and hydra-node, and delivered a first version of persisted head states by publishing release version 0.8.0. Besides this, they met with researchers on topic of the HeadV1 specification and kicked-off work on the RFP for an external audit of the Hydra Head protocol and implementation.

What did the team achieve this week

  • Completed the UX improvements on the hydra-tui
  • Released version 0.8.0, which delivers a first version of persisted head states
  • Met with researchers on the HeadV1 specification
  • Started work on the RFP for our external audit

What are the goals of next week

  • Complete ADR18 implementation and get it merged
  • Start work on event-sourced persistence #580
  • Have a first plutus script gap closed #452
  • Revamp CI to use flakes and build macos artifacts (stretch goal: migrate to cicero for nix builds)