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DB Sync Team Update

· One min read
Kostas Dermentzis

High level summary

The DBSync team is preparing a release which introduces schema simplifications, removes indexes, unique and foreign keys. It also provides a way to fix older values and migrates without the need to resync from genesis.

Lower level summary

Schema simplifications

Indexes, Unique and Foreign keys are removed in order to speedup syncing #1295 The same pr also introduces a different way to rollback, which doesn't rely on foreign keys and indexes.


The DBSync team ran a big number of benchmarks and investigated ways to speedup syncing. A conservative number of these will be included in the next release and the rest can be found in performance view.

Migrations and resyncing

The next release will be 13.1.0, it will enable a migration without the need to resync. It will also introduce a procedure that fixes bytes values of Datum and RedeemerData in existing databases #1294


The release has been mostly cherry-picked from master #1294 and its scope can be seen release view