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Ledger Team Update

· 3 min read
Jared Corduan

High level summary

We have made the decision to use the formal ledger repository in place of a LaTeX spec for the next ledger era, and have added a lot of basic infrastructure to the model. In particular, we now have a lot of support for axiomatic set theory. While the next ledger era is still in the design phase, most of the team remains working on technical debt. In particular, we have moved a lot more code out of the Shelley specific modules and into a ledger core module, we have finished up our benchmarking around the problematic TICKF ledger transition (while improving the performance), made conveniences to the development environment, cleaned up all the recent changes to the cost model, added a lot of documentation, fixed some flaky tests, and deleted some dead code.

Lower level summary

Axiomatic Set Theory

The formal ledger model now has support for much of the set theory that we make use of in the formal ledger specifications. See [pull-20].

Completed Technical Debt

  • We have addressed issues with two of our most problematic and flaky tests. See [pull-3039] and [pull-3093].
  • We have added more documentation and tests to the Twiddler module. This is a module which makes our CBOR serialization round-trip tests much more robust, and will also hopefully help enforce the mandate for downstream libraries to never re-serialize data that needs to be hashed. See [pull-3073] and [pull-3095] (we cannot merge 3095 just yet, due to a preference for merging other features).
  • We have finished our long analysis of the problematic TICKF transition. We now have a lot of benchmarks surrounding this code, and have added performance improvements. See [pull-3068] and [issue-3035].
  • We have restored support for ghcid in our repository. This is a tool for developing with Haskell that many of us find greatly improves our productivity by providing us with constant feedback from the type checker. See [pull-3112].
  • After much activity on the cost model, we have done some final clean up of the code. See [pull-3075] and [pull-3101].
  • We moved a lot of the existing user facing documentation regarding native tokens into the ledger repository, and cleaned it up (most of the heavy lifting was done by our amazing technical writers). See [pull-3091].
  • We removed dead code. See [pull-3089].
  • We moved a lot of code from the Shelley specific libraries to the ledger core library. See [pull-3109] and [pull-3110].
  • We've removed more of the awkward legacy template Haskell names. See [pull-3108].