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Hydra Team Update

· One min read
Sebastian Nagel

High level summary

This week, the hydra team first re-deployed the latest Hydra scripts to the re-spun preview network, see 0.8.0 release notes. They also completed implementation of ADR18 and worked on the validators, but development got impacted by some CI flakyness. The team also met to discuss hard forks & protocol parameter updates #195 and alignment of the specification document with auditors.

What did the team achieve this week

  • Complete and merge ADR18 #579
  • Re-deploy hydra scripts to respun preview network, see 0.8.0 release notes #595
  • Have first gap of #452 in review.
  • Non-achievement: Flaky CI for TUI was impacting us, so we investigated this a lot.
  • Engineering meeting to discuss hard forks and protocol parameter updates #195
  • Met the internal audit team on the specification to set scope, expectations and collected requirements/open questions.
  • Drafted project scope for an external audit RFP.

What are the goals of next week

  • Implement event-sourced persistence #580
  • Answer the internal auditors questions
  • Have a draft RFP ready for a first review internally
  • Close some gaps #452