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Crypto Team Update

· 2 min read
Iñigo Querejeta Azurmendi

High level overview

The SECP primitives AC has been met, and the test-vectors PR has been merged. Another of the main short-term goals is to implement KES secure forgetting. In the past week the mempool PR has been merged, and we've adapted the KES secure PR to the new mempool design. On top of this, we are working in updating the VRF batch compat version to use the audited version of the libsodium fork (PR#). Finally, we've 'cleaned' our libsodium fork, and we directly fork upstream, rather than forking Algorand's fork.

Low level overview

  • With the AC met, there was no more blockers from crypto to release the node tag with the SECP primitives. We are now working closely with dQuadrant to to implement some E2E tests with an actual bridge implementation.
  • We previously had a C implementation of a memory pool for usage in KES secure forgetting. After a discussion with Alexey, we decided to use his implementation of a mempool in Haskell. We are working in adapting KES Secure forgetting to use this Haskell mempool.
  • In parallel, we keep progressing on the KES agent
  • VRFBatchCompat was deactivated due to a lack of an external audit. This audit was finished a few weeks back, and we are updating cardano base to use this new librar. In particular, this library implements the latest changing version of the VRF draft (13, which seems to remain stable), and links to the libsodium fork which implements batch verification.
  • Our libsodium fork now links directly to upstream libsodium.