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Hydra Team Update

· One min read
Sebastian Nagel

High-level summary

This week, the Hydra team published together with Obsidian Systems a light paper on our "Hydra for Payments" project (Link). They have created a draft scope RFP for the external audit and worked with the internal audit team to clear up the specification. From the development side, they have fixed a bug with chain-following when using persistence and improved logs for better observability of hydra-node processes.

What did the team achieve this week

  • Published Hydra for Payments light paper (Link)
  • Have a draft RFP ready for a first review internally
  • Answered the internal auditors questions
  • Fixed a bug with following the chain when starting with persistence (#599)
  • Minor improvements to logging for better observability (#598, #600)
  • Non-achievement: Needed to work around flaky TUI ci, follow-up issue if anyone wants to have a look (#590)

What are the goals of next week

  • Implement event-sourced persistence #580
  • Close more gaps #452
  • Attend the Cardano Summit in Lausanne. Hydra will be topic of one talk! Save the date+time: "Developing Hydra" on Day 2, Nov 21st, 13:50 CET