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Mithril Team Update

· 2 min read
Iñigo Querejeta Azurmendi

High level overview

The Mithril team has released their second distribution 2246.1 following the activation of the alpha version of the new release process. They continued refining its implementation and added a new set of artifacts to the distributions, such as Debian packages and macOS/Windows binaries. The team also enhanced the Mithril Explorer, which now provides more detailed information about epoch settings and easier access to multiple aggregators for the users. They have also worked on an enhanced mechanism for node versioning, storage, and communication protocol. They also implemented version detections for the signer and aggregator nodes, designed the automatic store upgrade feature for these nodes, and enhanced the documentation of the configuration parameters of the several Mithril networks.

Finally, the team continued working on the elaboration of the CIP that will allow the decentralization of Mithril by relying on the Cardano node network layer.

Low level overview

  • Released a new Mithril distribution 2246.1
  • Completed the first stage of the store migrations process #562
  • Added a Mithril API version that is now exposed in the headers of the requests sent and received by the nodes #565
  • Enhanced the explorer UI with epoch settings information and aggregators management on browser local storage #576
  • Prepared a Daedalus synchronization benchmark video with/without Mithril #606
  • Upgraded the Cardano nodes of the testing Mithril networks to 1.35.4 #594
  • Worked on implementing SPO tests nodes on testing Mithril networks #563
  • Worked on the CIP design for Mithril piggybacked on the Cardano network layer #588
  • Worked on the refactorizaton of the aggregator multi signer engine #398