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Crypto Team Update

· 2 min read
Iñigo Querejeta Azurmendi

High level summary

The four open fronts that the crypto team is working on are:

  • MuSig2: We are almost ready to reach a point where the MuSig2 library is ready for usage by the Hydra team.
  • Mithril: We started to think how Mithril-core can be designed such that it can be leverage by contexts where the verifiers run full nodes
  • cardano-base: The VRF and BLS branchs are still open and in progress
  • KES agent: We keep progressing with KES secure forgetting implementation as well as the KES agent.

Low level summary


  • We redesigned the library so that MuSig2 lib users don't need to be aware of the underlying secp256k1 library PR#31
  • We are introducing a more granular error handling mechanism PR#33
  • We rethought the API and made it more consistent with the underlying secp256k1 library PR#35


  • The mithril crates in general will be published in, and we adapted the core library's README PR#616
  • We are modifying the individual signature to not contain the VK and stake. This was not necessary, as the current design requires the aggregator of Mithril certificates to know this information PR#620


  • We've been still working in updating to the latest version of the VRF. In particular we modified the cbits to use the latest version of libsodium stable (1.0.18) PR#341
  • SKs, VKs and VRF outputs will be compatible across the different versions. We are implementing conversion functions for simple transitions PR#344
  • Benchmarks on pairing built-ins have already started, so we were finalising some CI concerns and final remarks on the BLS PR, so that it can be merged as soon as we have green light from plutus PR#266

KES agent

  • We keep progressing in the secure forgetting PR and resolving some bugs on memory handling PR#255
  • Increasing the test framework to make sure concurrency is properly treated by the KES Agent, for which we are including refcounted references. General progress in the implementation.