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DB sync Team Update

· One min read
Kostas Dermentzis

High level summary

The DB Sync team prepared a release which includes many improvements for db-sync, it makes rollbacks and syncing much faster, simplifies the schema, fixes bugs and introduces migrations. This release finalises the objectives that were set for db-sync for the previous 3 months period and part of the syncing speed objective set for the next period Changelog

Lower level summary

  • Branch release/13.1.0.x includes all the improvements related to the release. The release is passing through the testing phase and a number of bugs and issues have been fixed, like #1312 #1311. Also many new unit tests have been added.

  • Part of the release branch is cherry-picked back into master, in a way that it respects the new release and development process, so that it takes into account migrations release process

  • The DB Sync team has also tagged release 13.0.6 which better supports preview and preprod for docker.