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System Test Team Update

· One min read
Dorin Solomon

High level summary

During the last 2 weeks we did more improvements on our Test Framework, planned the testing of the P2P Single Relay functionality, and also tested some DB-Sync tags.


Framework improvements:

  • moved the System Test CLI Pipelines from BuildKite to Github Actions
  • improved the reporting tools to support the rerun of the failled tests and update of the reports
  • added support for Github API in report-aggregator, so reports will be generated from the GitHub nightly jobs from now on
  • added support for mixed topology - P2P, legacy, mixed topologies
  • planned the P2P Single Relay system test activities
  • added support to start regression tests with PV8 + better selection of tests


  • confirmed that DB-Sync release 13.0.5 is compatible with Node release 1.35.4 + Protocol Version 8 (on the Preview environment)
  • tested a couple db-sync tags -,