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Crypto Team Update

· 2 min read
Iñigo Querejeta Azurmendi

High level summary

The four open fronts that the crypto team is working on are:

  • MuSig2: We were blocked with a CI issue, that we finally resolved. Similarly, we merged the redesig of the API to mantain consistency.
  • Mithril: Merged the reformat of the signle signature. Similarly, we started working in ensuring KES implementation in rust is safe.
  • cardano-base: VRF and BLS are still waiting to be merged, as we have some problems with the CI. Moreover, we started experimenting how rust can be included in the cardano-base code-stack.
  • KES agent: We keep progressing with KES secure forgetting implementation as well as the KES agent.

Low level summary


  • [Still in progress] We are introducing a more granular error handling mechanism PR#33
  • We merged the API redesig PR#35
  • We were blocked for a while with a CI issue, for which we are currently simply using a simpler version of Ubuntu. We'll probably circle back to this in the future PR#36


  • We merged the individual signature PR#620
  • We are modifying important parts of the KES mplementation to guarantee there are no unnecessary copies during Ser/Deser (kes repo)


  • Nothing new to report. Still working in merging these PRs.
  • We started experimenting on how we can use cabal-pack to create haskell libraries out of rust libraries, and how this would affect the cardano-base fork. We encountered what seems to be a bug in GHC

KES agent

  • We keep progressing in the secure forgetting PR and resolving some bugs on memory handling PR#255
  • Fixed a 'use-after-free' bug in the KES agent.