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Hydra Team Update

· 2 min read
Sebastian Nagel

High-level summary

This week, the Hydra team has worked on completing to "Validate coordinated head protocol against formal model", this is a huge step to verify the implementation is secure. They also worked on implementing ADR21 related to bounded tx validity which is now under review. HydraPay project, from Obsidian Systems, is coming to an end of the first phase at least, so team did a review and submitted couple of issues they found in the process. The team had a meeting with the Director of CyberSecurity - topic was the RFP that is currently in flight that should scope the work of future auditors. Also, the team completed the hydra-tutorial review created by our colleague Thomas Vellecoop from the education team, and we are close to integrate it to our official site. From the development side, they have fixed a bug on the CI when running the benchmark jobs to calculate the cost of abortTx and a flaky spec which checks a plutus merkle-tree is always balanced.

What did the team achieve this week

  • Document model based testing #194 & #641
  • Got ADR21, reducing gaps between implementation and specification, under review.
  • Complete review on hydra-tutorial.
  • Complete first round of review on HydraPay work #634
  • Meeting with Director of CyberSecurity frio IOG to unblock "the RFP prepared for the external audit" #606
  • Remove vasil-dev and testnet from smoke-test because they were not working #630
  • Fix flaky plutus-merkle-tree test #642
  • Refactor NetworkSpec to improve legilibility.
  • Fix benchmark cost for abortTx #631
  • Adapt nix.conf to the recent hydra-ci nix cache migration.

What are the goals of next week

  • Get ADR21 accepted & close tx validity gap in our implementation.
  • Integrate the hydra-tutorial.
  • Have a LaTeX write-up of the HeadV1 (Coordinated Hydra Head) spec.
  • Get Cicero (new CI) working.
  • Use reference inputs to reduce the cost of the commitTx.