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DB-sync Team Update

· One min read
Kostas Dermentzis

High level summary

The DBSync team continued testing release The QA team has reported that no issues have been found. The DBSync team also worked on cherry-picks back to master and on fixing bugs.

Lower level summary

  • Release is cherry-picked back to master, which uses the new rollback mechanism which uses reverse indexes, same as the release #1320 This also fixes a bug number of issues on master.
  • Depenencies upgrade and CHaP integration #1324
  • AdaPots fix #1323. This fixes an issue where the per epoch AdaPots didn't match the epoch boundary, but they also included changes from the first block of the epoch.
  • Deposits Event fix #3212. This pr adjusts the Deposits ledger events, so that it can be better used by db-sync. This can reduce the number of queries that db-sync does during syncing an make syncing faster.