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System Test Team Update

· One min read
Dorin Solomon

High level summary

During the last 2 weeks we did more improvements on our Test Framework, ran some sanity tests related to the P2P Single Relay functionality.

We also update the Node & DB-Sync sync tets to build with Nix as the prebuilt files are no longer available at PR level.


Framework improvements:

  • extended the cardano-node-tests with the ability for anybody to fork the repo and run all our System Tests on GitHub Actions
  • added 2 new nightly pipelines - nightly-mixed and nightly-p2p - details here
  • some optimizations on how our regression tests are scheduled on pytest workers and how cluster instances are assigned to the tests;

=== 743 passed, 67 skipped, 24 xfailed in 9166.64s (2:32:46) === to === 753 passed, 67 skipped, 14 xfailed in 4654.80s (1:17:34) ===


  • ran a couple of sanity runs of CLI a& sync tests on a local branch with P2P Single Relay enabled
  • started the preparations for testing the next tag - details here


  • some improvements on db-sync sync tests