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Network Team Update

· 2 min read
Marcin Szamotulski

High level summary

We have been working towards cardano-node-1.35.5 release. QA & benchmarking teams gave a green light for the release, and we made decent progress with some CI problem which we encountered on the way (PR #4612). We are also working on peer sharing, making improvements in our testing infrastructure, reducing technical debt and making progress towards io-sim- Galois is making progress on Handshake improvements.

Low level summary

Our diffusion simulation network now includes a mixed network of initiator only and initiator and responder nodes. issue #4222

We are now reviewing the peer sharing pull request.

We are also reviewing pull request which introduces handshake query flag. PR #4256

We fixed a bug in our network simulator. The bug was triggered when a node died when performing a simultaneous TCP open (a corner case of a corner case!). PR #4265

We also refactored Snocket interface and removed the bearer construction from its methods. PR #4260

We are working towards releasing io-sim- on Hackage, which includes reviewing two PRs: PR #57 and PR #60 as well as writing an announcement blog post.