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SRE Team Update

· 2 min read
Michael Fellinger

High level summary

The SRE team continues work on Cicero, Tullia, and Bitte, as well as providing support for cardano-world.

Lower level summary


  • Fixed various race conditions around transformers.
  • Brought our CI up to date.
  • Migrated to the Nomad exec driver with Nix support for many actions.
  • Moved Nix builds to the Nomad clients for much better cache locality.
  • Ongoing work on vastly improving the action matching and evaluation speed.


  • Made it easier to support cloning from a PR's fork
  • Update to latest std
  • Add workaround for cgroup issue: nomad#12877
  • github preset: add and (read|get)Repository functions
  • Fix various issues around CUE handling


  • Upgrade to NixOS 22.11
  • Prototype usage of Colmena for deploys instead of deploy-rs
  • Finalized work on Equinix Metal support
  • Prototype better secrets management with ragenix instead of sops-nix
  • Improve CI and bring it up to date


  • Fixd various OOM issues on preview and preprod
  • Rotated KES keys on preview and preprod
  • Optimize mainnet db-sync to cope with higher load
  • Fix an issue where PostgreSQL would fail after a reboot


  • Updated to NixOS 22.11


  • Updated to NixOS 22.11
  • Added Equnix cluster
  • Improve caching of Nix builds