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Ledger Team Update

· 2 min read
Jared Corduan

High level summary

Much of the work the past two weeks involved integration efforts, cleaning up and debugging some serialization issues, adding tests, and work on large projects that are still ongoing. We also released a CIP this week that aims to make the ledger a registered CIP category.

Lower level summary

Ledger evolution CIP

We published a CIP that will make the Cardano ledger a registered category of the CIP process.

Serialization issues

We had previously thought that we had found a serialization problem with the redeemers, but it turned out to just be particularly confusing code. We have now clarified the issue for the future.

See pull-3263, pull-3269, and pull-3268.

Starting in protocol version 9, we will no longer accept duplicate keys in CBOR maps.

See pull-3277.

New tests

We added a new property test suite for some of our custom containers.

See pull-3270.

Progress on a better cost model serialization situation.

We are still working our way through issue-2902. Towards this end, we are now properly gating the new flexible encoders until version 9.

See pull-3274.

Nightly tests

We are still experimenting with moving more CI actions to GitHub actions.

See pull-3276.

Constraint based generators

We continue to add to our proof of concept for constraint based generators. See the previous ledger update for more information about this project.