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Consensus Team Update

· 2 min read
Damian Nadales

High level summary

We continue refactoring the UTxO HD prototype while we wait for the system level benchmarks. We have created a new repository that contains the anti-diff packages used in this prototype.

On the Genesis front, we are preparing another meeting with the researchers to audit the implementation design, and we continued working on basic tests and simplifications.

During the past two weeks we also introduced two new tools. One for dumping CBOR encoded blocks to JSON, and another to serve a local immutable DB.


UTxO HD Prototype

We are in the process of refactoring the UTxO HD prototype, while we wait for the system level benchmarks to confirm if the performance of the prototype is satisfactory.

We also set up a repository for the anti-diff package, which required us to refactor the code, write documentation, and prepare a release to CHaP.


We worked on basic tests for the Limit on Eagerness property of Genesis. We also introduced further robustness and simplifications in the Genesis Density governor. Finally, we developed a presentation to engage again with the researchers on our Genesis implementation design.

Technical debt

Fostering collaboration

We are in the process of polishing the ouroboros-consensus documentation site, which we will use a the entry point for Consensus related documentation. The first version will not be complete, but we plan on systematically improving it.


We added a tool to ouroboros-consensus-cardano-tools which allows to dump the Chain DB blocks or any given CBOR encoded blocks as JSON.

We also added another tool that serves an existing immutable DB via BlockFetch and ChainSync. This tool can help in assisting our local benchmarking efforts (for instance Genesis' ChainSync jumping prototype).