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Network Team Update

· One min read
Marcin Szamotulski

High level summary

Recently QA found a bug in P2P code, which results in busy loops. We added one fix to 1.35.6 release, another one will likely be part of next release. The first one is already included in ouroboros-network- release. These bugs could only affect nodes which are out of sync and thus should not impose risk on well maintained nodes on mainnet. We also advertise to deploy at most one of the relays as a P2P node, which shields from possible consequences.

We recently finished design phase of eclipse evasion and we started implementing it (see issue #3886 for progress).

Galois finished implementing Handshake extension which will allow to query network protocol versions (see pr #4256).

We also recently released a newer set of network packages to be integrated with cardano-node master branch, this includes:

* monoidal-synchronisation-
* cardano-client-
* network-mux-
* ouroboros-network-api-
* ouroboros-network-protocols-
* ouroboros-network-testing-
* ouroboros-network-mock-
* ouroboros-network-framework-
* ouroboros-network- (it doesn't not yet include the fix we included
in ``)