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DB-sync Team Update

· One min read
Kostas Dermentzis

High level summary

The db-sync team created a new tag which is ready to release. We also investigated and had the first working UTxO-HD integration which is one of the potential future risks for db-sync.

Low level summary

  • Integrated the UTxO-HD feauture branch in kderme/utxo-hd-1. This doesn't use the full on disk storage but keeps things in memory and the plan is to keep it this way for the first iteration. The integration still has some performance issues which we investigate
  • Created tag which upgrades the dependencies of db-sync
  • Fixed an issue related to errors appearing in SMASH #1353
  • Continued with ghc-9.2 integration #1339
  • Worked on an new fixing procedure for #1348. We try to make these procedures work also on older schema version, without the need to migrate to newer schema, which can be very useful for fixing existing snapshots.