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Network Team Update

· 2 min read
Marcin Szamotulski

High level summary

In the current sprint the networking team focused on fixing bugs and pushing forward implementation of eclipse evasion. We also found a bug in our simulation testing setup (in integration of test node). We also overviewed the work on extending handshake protocol which is delivered by Galois Inc.

We published ouroboros-network- and ouroboros-network-protocols- to CHaP.

We also fixed a bug in cardano-node which results in not being able to configure inbound connection limits, see PR #4902.

Together with Karl Knutsson (CF) we realised an issue in cardano-cli: it's validation of DNS names, IP address & ports when registering a stake pool should be more strict to protect against common mistakes which we identified on the chain. See issue #4929.

Detailed work log

In PR #4385 we fixed two bugs in peer state actions. First one results in a busy loop if demotion from hot to warm times outs. This busy loop is eventually exited when mux exits (we reported this in our previous report). This fix made it to 1.35.6 release as well.

In addition the PR #4385 also fixes another bug which results in hot -> warm -> hot demotion / promotion busy loop.

The PR #4385 also fixed a bug in a node only used in simulation which resulted in not using chain-sync or block-fetch mini-protocols. In the review process, we realised that the header-body split in the simulated node requires further work (see PR #4419, which is under review).

The PR #4385 also extend our generators, which together with the above fix, cover the hot -> warm -> hot demotion / promotion busy loop.

In PR #4419 we introduce a ChainDB for our simulation node, which plays similar role to ChainDB in the ouroboros-consensus: a persistent (across simulated restarts) store of blocks which does chain selection. This ensures that the simulated node is using block-fetch to download blocks announced by chain-sync mini-protocol.

We also made progress with reviewing PR #4019 - peer sharing.

We also fixed issue #4370 - a connection manager test failure, see PR #4384.