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Crypto Team Update

· 2 min read
Iñigo Querejeta Azurmendi

High level summary

The open fronts that the crypto team is working on are:

  • Mithril: Updated KES crate to force user to allocate buffer of bytes for the key. Include proper testing for batch mtree opening and STM batch verify. Progressed with RFP for audit.
  • cardano-base: BLS branch is now ready for review. We are workign forward its merge.
  • KES agent: time off of part of the team, but in general continuing with the adaptation of the KES agent with consensus codebase.
  • Sidechains: We are exploring and starting discussion on how sidechains could leverage BLS12-381 bindings for SNARKs

Low level summary


  • Bumped to version 0.2.0 the implementation of KES. Redesigned the representation of the secret key to allow user to allocate a buffer using mlock.
  • Opened PR#783 to update dependency
  • Improved testing for batch opening of mtree, PR#773
  • Improved testing for batch verification of STM sigs PR#774
  • RFP for crypto audit almost ready.


  • BLS12-381 branch finally ready for review PR#266

KES agent

Team off for one week. Other progress:

  • Learning about raw direct-bearer abstraction. An interface for sockets in consensus.
  • use that for direct ser/deser
  • written those syntaxes for ouroboros (coming PR)
  • the kes agent will depend on that.


Progress with familiarisation of Halo2 library to write circuits.