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Hydra Team Update

· 2 min read
Sebastian Nagel

High-level summary

This week, the Hydra team released version 0.9.0 - a version of the hydra-node with fully specified behavior of on-chain scripts and off-chain head-logic, decreased costs for opening/closing a Head and scalable contestation deadline semantics. Check out the full release notes for details.

Furthermore, they published the monthly report of the Hydra project and conducted a review meeting with an increasingly wider audience. The team plans to extend invitations through the new Hydra #announcements discord channel for the next months, stay tuned!

What did the team achieve this week

  • Monthly review meeting with report published on website
  • Fixed smoke tests #726
  • Reduced the cost of opening/closing a Head (error codes #748 + head reference script #701)
  • Released version 0.9.0
  • Conducted a first experiment on mainnet compatibility #713
  • New discord category with #announcements channel
  • Received a demo about the Hydra for Voting project
  • Lightning talk on mutation-based testing (to be shared)
  • New themes view in on our roadmap and some rearranging as we align it with high-level objectives
  • Clarified things with researchers, but mostly identified action items for them

What are the goals of next week

  • Redraw transaction graphs and address TODOs specification
  • Run hydraw with 0.9.0 on preprod
  • Make smoke tests on mainnet possible
  • Groom the explorer item
  • Unblock the auctions projecth with commit from script a solution