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Ledger Team Update

· 2 min read
Jared Corduan

High level summary

We have focused the last two weeks on CIP-1694, integration of the last several months of ledger work into consensus and node, and testing infrastrutcture that we will use in the conway ledger era.

Low level summary

Conway rules

We made a major update to the conway era so that the implementation is now in sync with the spec with respect to the ratification and enactment logic.

See the notes in pull-3291 for more details.

Constraint based generators

This week we hit a major milestone in our efforts to build out better property based testing support for the main ledger properties. The new constraint based generators can now generate full ledger states with what is probably very close to the real constraints (if anything, it is under constrained). Next we will work on generating a transaction in the context of a ledger state, which would allow us to actually start using these generators for real tests.

See pull-3219.

Preparing a release, now with proper versioning

After quite some time, we are ready to release a version of ledger that will work with a new version of consensus, using CHaPs.

See pull-3308.

Technical debt

  • We cleaned up the redeemer serialization code (to prevent future mistakes). See pull-3269.
  • We added a note to the Alonzo spec, specifying that the transaction inputs are lexicographically ordered in the Plutus script context. See pull-3306.
  • We fixed a problem with the address deserialiazation (we mistakenly fixed a bug in the Babbage era which cannot be fixed until Conway). See pull-3307.
  • We fixed a problem with our nix build. See pull-3311.
  • We fixed a problem with our NoThunks tests. See pull-3310.
  • We improved our nightly tests. See pull-3316.