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Hydra Team Update

· One min read
Sebastian Nagel

High-level summary

This week, the Hydra team addressed issues with committing complex UTxOs into a Hydra Head, prepared the hydra-node to be run on mainnet (soon) and improved the test suite of the hydra-plutus scripts. The specification is constantly getting improved upon reviewer feedback on overleaf - this week the graphical notation was refined to be more transaction-focused.

What did the team achieve this week

  • Clarified bug of committing UTxOs with reference scripts to a Hydra head #737
  • Prepare usage of hydra-node on mainnet by updating command line options #715
  • Improved our mutation test suite to all expected errors #705
  • Re-opened our persistent hydraw demo head on preprod using version 0.9.0
  • Updated on-chain graphs to be more transaction-focused in the specification

What are the goals of next week

  • Complete mainnet compatibility feature
  • Prepare the Hydra workshop
  • Address all todo’s in the Hydra specification
  • Unblock the auctions project with commit from script a solution