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Ledger Team Update

· 2 min read
Jared Corduan

High level summary

We made further progress on the conway ledger era. In particular, we expanded the ledger API significantly, including lots of governance features. We also made progress on the specification and corresponding work in the Haskell implementation.

We also continued to integrate the latest ledger packages into cardano node and addressed technical debt.

Low level summary

Expanded ledger API

The ledger API was significantly expanded to include:

  • a lot of protocol parameter support
  • versioning support (type level ledger eras and protocol versions)
  • auxiliary data support
  • many new lenses
  • support for witnesses
  • support for conway governance

See pull-3328.

Conway ledger rules

We have made progress on the formal ledger specification for the Conway era. Moreover, the corresponding Haskell updates were also completed:

Incremental SPO/DRep stake distribution computation

We have a working (and correct) proof of concept for how to use the incremental lambda calculus to maintain several of the stake distributions incrementally. For the per-SPO distribution, this is a performance improvement. For the (conway) per-DRep distribution, this is will allow those who have delegated their votes to a DRep to have time to react to any votes that they disapprove of. (Sorry, no code to share just yet, more to come.)

Technical debt