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Network Team Update

· 2 min read
Marcin Szamotulski

High level summary

In the last spring we released cardano-node-1.35.6 with dynamic P2P functionality.

We received reports from some SPOs who encountered problems with their non P2P block producing nodes not being able to connect to their P2P relay. Karl Knutsson (from Cardano Foundation) reproduced this issue between two nodes (a non P2P and a P2P one) on mainnet. Karl and the IOG Networking Team analysed it and found a bug in the legacy non p2p code. The bug is only possible to trigger with a P2P node which is binding its outbound connection port to a fixed IP address and port (default in p2p). A possible solution was found. For more information see #4465.

We released cardano-ping- package to CHaP. cardano-ping is no longer available as a standalone binary, but instead it will become part of cardano-cli (see #4664)

We are testing cardano-node with peer sharing functionality (#4019).

We are working on eclipse evasion. We added new class of peers: big ledger peers to the outbound governor, implemented tests and fixed found issues (#4462). We also made the information if a given peer plays the role of a big ledger peer to the mini-protocols. This will allow to modify mini-protocol applications for such peers. As part of this functionality we refactored some core types in the network code which simplifies exposed API.

Together with Moritz Angerman we started to update io-sim to ghc-9.6.1 (see #73).

We merged a fix of configuration of accepted connections limit in cardano-node (see #4902).