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DB-sync Team Update

· One min read
Kostas Dermentzis

High level summary

The DBSync team worked in performance enhancements issues, on providing new db-sync options and on technical debt and bug fixing. The DBSync team also on boarded a new member.

Low level summary

  • Worked on an issue which causes ada_pots tables to include the values related not only to an epoch, but also the first epoch of the last epoch. #1367
  • Fixed an issue where the epoch table didn't rollback and caused wrong values #1370
  • Fixed an issue were users with disable-ledger option had to provide the state dir option, even though it was never used. Also refactored the no ledger part of the codebase. #1378
  • Improved the perforance by using the cache more. Also provided many new options which enables or disables parts of db-sync. In addition a new --turbo mode is enables which allows db-sync to sync mainnet in hours. #1379