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Mithril Team Update

· 2 min read
Jean-Philippe Raynaud

High level overview

The Mithril team released a new 2310.0 distribution that activates the era switch mechanism. They also kept implementing the migration of the aggregator stores to a relational design with the first adaptation of the stake pool store, and then the adaptation of the epoch settings & signed entity type stores. They have implemented the handling of the network API version from the Open API specifications and its automatic switch at era transition. Additionally, they optimized the stake distribution computation that now happens only once per epoch, and also enhanced the client multi-platform workflow to test the Docker images.

Finally, they have successfully completed the tests to create certificates and snapshots on a network running on the Cardano mainnet and they have fixed some bugs.

Low level overview

  • Completed the epic that implements eras behavior switch #707:
    • Completed handling the API version switch at era transition #727
  • Worked on the epic that implements a relational store in the aggregator #779:
    • Completed on the migration/adaptation of the stake_pool table #787
    • Worked on the migration/adaptation of the epoch_settings table #813
    • Worked on the migration/adaptation of the signed-entity-type table #815
    • Completed the creation of a stake distribution service #799
  • Completed the testing of Mithril with Cardano mainnet network #777
  • Completed qualifying the computation of the stake distribution #810
  • Completed the testing of the Docker client in the Mithril Client multi-platform test workflow #794
  • Worked on bugs and optimizations:
    • Fixed a bug that made computation of the stake distribution occur multiple times during an epoch #804
    • Fixed a bug that created deadlocks on the SQLite connection #807
    • Optimized the error message and the behavior of the signer node when KES keys have expired #820
    • Upgraded the infrastructure of the testing-preview and pre-release-preview networks #801
    • Re-genesis of the testing-preview network #803
    • Re-genesis of the pre-release-preview network #818