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Ledger Team Update

· 2 min read
Jared Corduan

High level summary

We are still heavily involved in work related to preparing the next release. The other main thing we have worked on is experimentation about how we will handle the DRep stake distribution for CIP-1694 in the conway ledger era. Lastly, we merged a fix for node-4826 into our main branch (there will be a post-mortem shortly).

Low level summary

Support for the next release

  • pull-3363 - Fix problems relating to Arbitrary instances used by consensus.
  • pull-3361 - Remove the alonze genesis from the conway genesis.
  • pull-3360 - Translate bad pointer addresses to valid ones in conway.
  • pull-3357 - Fix a bug relating to zero valued ADA in the script context.
  • pull-3356 - Added needed instances (Arbitrary and Serialization) for conway integration.
  • pull-3345 - Added helper functions for the CLI.
  • pull-3342 - Fix a bug with a CLI helper function (having to do with deposit tracking).

Experiments for DRep stake distribution

Adding another stake distribution to the ledger state presents some new challenges. We would like to be able to use the current stake distribution at the epoch boundary for DRep voting so that people can always vote themselves in time for any proposal. To this end, we have a prototype of an incremental computation based on the incremental lambda calculus, together with tests and benchmarks (which are very promising). See pull-3344.

Additionally, more of the ledger state is going to need to be rearranged to accomodate the new incremental computations. We have two draft PRs up for possibles solution. See pull-3353 and pull-3364.

Technical debt and bug fixes

Documentation changes

  • pull-3354 - Rename "optional datums" with "supplemental datums" in the alonzo spec.
  • pull-3352 - Add a section to the Shelly errata about the individual deposit tracking.
  • pull-3351 - Further clarify the details regarding the script integrity hash.
  • pull-3350 - Some cleanup of the Babbage spec.