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Ledger Team Update

· 2 min read
Jared Corduan

High level summary

The ledger team focused mainly on the conway ledger era and node integration. For conway, we completed a large structural change that now allows for delegation certificates to be parameterized by era, and introducing new certificates for the first time since Shelley. We also continue to build out our contraint based generators that we will use to property test the conway era. In particular, we can now generate an entire ledger state and a transaction which is balanced with respect to the ledger state.

Low level summary

Conway certificates

Certificiates are now abstracted as a type family in the ledger codebase. Moreover, there are new certificates in the Conway era to support CIP-1694, and MIR certificates have been removed.

Constraint based testing

Our plan for property testing in the conway era is to no longer use the trace generators, but instead generate ledger states and transactions based on constraints. We hit a milestone this week, namely the ability to generate a balanced transaction in the context of a ledger state, all based on our ever growing constaint language.

Integration work

Technical debt