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Network Team Update

· 2 min read
Marcin Szamotulski

High level summary

We started working on a new way to switch between root & ledger peers (see below). We continued to work on eclipse-evasion. We merged changes to Handshake contributed by Galois Inc. We made improvements to our tests (fixed a flaky test, added cddl specs for NodeToNodeVersionData and NodeToClientVersionData). We improved our CI and automated the process of releasing new package version to CHaP.

Detailed summary

We continued to work on testing eclipse-evasion.

We came up with an idea to limit how full node wallets relay on root peers (currently operated by IOG, in future also CF and Emurgo). We designed a switch to use ledger peers if the node tip is close enough to the current time. For more details see #4530.

We merged changes to the handshake mini-protocol which allow one to query server's node-to-node / node-to-client parameters. We are grateful to Galois Inc. for implementing it, #4256 and #4538. We published new version of packages to CHaP chap-#253.

We added DiffusionError wrapper. Thanks to it, ouroboros-consensus will not duplicate diffusion errors messages in the log, #4537.

We fixed an issue which caused one of our tests to be flaky, #4515.

We added cddl tests for NodeToNodeVersionData and NodeToClientVersionData: #4540, #4544 (in review).

We wrote scripts which will help us release packages as well as verify that we released all the package necessary to build the newest set of packages, #4542.

We renamed the consensus startup tracer and make sure it doesn't log ExitSuccess exceptions, consensus-#71.

We reviewed PR which adds RawBearer API, #4395.

We made series of improvements to our CI:

  • #4539: we don't need to install cryptographic libraries in CI;
  • #4545: Javier Sagredo (consensus) cleaned up CI after consensus moved to a new repo;
  • #4546: we switched to use GitHub merge queues;
  • #4549: we made it possible to trigger building haddocks manually;
  • #4553: we fixed and enhanced caching of building dependencies.