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Mithril Team Update

· 2 min read
Jean-Philippe Raynaud

High level overview

The Mithril team released a new 2318.0 distribution that implements the last migration phase of the aggregator stores and embeds a bug fix for the signer registration. They also completed the implementation of the interfaces defined to provide certification for the immutable full snapshot of Cardano files and Mithril stake distribution. They finalized the implementation of the framework to sign generic types of data in the aggregator and the signer nodes. They also updated the runtime of the aggregator to handle open messages associated with the available types, and evolved the REST API of the aggregator to deliver the artifacts for these types. Additionally, they have upgraded the network explorer in order to display the artifacts and certificates for these different types.

Finally, the team started designing an on-chain decentralized signer registration process, and started implementing the new stake distribution computation available from Cardano node 8.0.0 (along with the backward compatibility for previous 1.35.x versions).

Low level overview

  • Worked on the epic that designs and implements generic signing/verification of entity services #780:
    • Completed the handling of multiple types of signed entity in the aggregator runtime #907
    • Completed the adaptation of the signer runtime to use the signable builder service #854
    • Completed the adaptation of the aggregator runtime to use the artifact builder service #869
    • Completed the appending of the next AVK to all protocol messages #888
    • Completed the adaptation of the aggregator REST API to retrieve the list/details of the artifacts produced #893
    • Completed the adaptation of the explorer to handle new artifact routes of the aggregator #927
  • Worked on the epic that implements the computation of the stake distribution for mainnet #880:
    • Completed the implementation of the new stake distribution computation in the chain observer #919
    • Worked on upgrading the Cardano node to 8.0.0 #920