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Consensus Team Update

· One min read
Damian Nadales

High level summary

During the Past two weeks we drafted an implementation path for concluding that a node is caught up, which will also be used to back Network's ledger-peer selection (see this issue). We also carried a thorough investigation into the exact feasibility of applying the Genesis rule to certain historical parts of the chain.

On the UTxO-HD front, we are working on improving the ledger tables design and wrapping up the improved DB locking mechanism. We also released packages that are required not only by UTxO-HD but are already used in cardano.


  • We have a plan for making the ledger tables in UTxO-HD more ergonomic by mimicking SOP classes like HPure and HAp . In short, we implement generalised versions of important classes like Applicative and Traversable.


  • fs-sim- and fs-api- were released, which makes them now compatible with GHC up to 9.6.
  • ouroboros-consensus- was released for cardano-node 8.1, including query serialization fixes for backwards compatibility.