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Mithril Team Update

· 2 min read
Jean-Philippe Raynaud

High level overview

The Mithril team has released a new distribution 2335.0 which brings enhancements to the client: support for simultaneous downloading and unpacking of the snapshot archives, support for one line command restoration of the latest snapshot, and availability of machine readable progress information.

They have also worked on snapshots enhancements: implementation of the zstandard compression to produce smaller archives, and providing the version of the Cardano node used to create the archive in the snapshot artifacts. They have completed the second phase of the implementation of the stress test tool to benchamrk the aggregator. Additionally, they have kept working on refactoring and standardizing errors in the Mithril nodes.

Finally, they have worked on adding Cloudflare protection to the infrastructure, and they have fixed some bugs that occurred during restoration of a snapshot by a client.

Low level overview

  • Completed the issue Use 'zstandard' compression for snapshot archives #876
  • Completed the issue Design & implement stress test tool for aggregator - phase 2 #1155
  • Completed the issue Provide progress information with '--json' option in Client #1095
  • Completed the issue Make client download and extract the archive simultaneously #1115
  • Completed the issue Add aggregator Cardano node version in snapshot artifact #948
  • Completed the issue Make Cardano node version part of the Mithril network configuration #947
  • Completed the issue Post deployment 'mainnet' infrastructure #1091
  • Worked on the issue Errors refactoring #798
  • Worked on the issue Add Cloudflare protection of infrastructure #986
  • Completed the issue Failed to restore recent snapshot with strange error #1160
  • Completed the issue Update 'ed25519-dalek' to '2.0.0' #1188
  • Completed the issue Add target networks blocks in release notes #1151
  • Completed the issue Fix end to end 'wait_for_the_expected_time' test #1191
  • Completed the issue Fix docs 'git checkout' command #1174