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Hydra Team Update

· 2 min read
Sebastian Nagel

High-level summary

This week, the Hydra team improved the commit process with support for inline datums. They simplified the chain layer by refactoring how the chain state is persisted. Updates to the Hydra tutorial were completed, including CI workflows to keep it up-to-date. The team engaged in discussions with researchers about incremental commits & decommits, and drafted an architectural decision record for a resource-based API. They also explored simpler solutions for the upcoming network resilience feature.

What did the team achieve this week

  • Support InlineScriptDatum in commit #1043
  • Refactored chain state persistency #1049
  • Completed tutorial updates (by adding CI and some cleanup) #997
  • Intersect Open Source committee meeting
  • Experimented with various models to better express the \"Network resilience problem\" to find a KISS solution for #188
  • Drafted and discussed incremental de-/commit features within team and with researchers #199 and #1057
  • Created ADR for a resource based overhaul of the API #1028

What are the goals of next week

  • Meetup of Hydra & Mithril contributors in Nantes, France
  • Integrated cardano-api 8.15 to have GHC 9.6 support
  • A clear design for incremental commits (decommits are already understood)
  • An ADR for improving tx construction & observation to not need chain state