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Node API & CLI Team Update

· 3 min read
Carlos LopezDeLara

2023-08-30 - 2023-09-12

High level summary

Release of Cardano-node 8.3.0-pre for SanchoNet. Adds DReps to the Conway governance rules. Allows registration of DReps, delegation to DReps and voting on constitution action with DReps and SPOs. This release completes phase 2 of SanchoNet feature roll out plan

CLI continues on its migration to a era-based top-level commands. This sprint we moved text-view, key, query, genesis, node, stake-address, transaction and address into this new command structure. This is the initial migration, there is still some clean-up to do on future sprints.

We are moving the drep delegation-certificate to the stake-address command so delegating to a drep is done via stake-addres vote-delegation-certificate. Along the same lines, we are renaming stake-address delegation-certificate (delagating to a stake pool) to stake-address stake-delegation-certificate to distinguish between stake delegation to a pool and votes delegation to a drep. On top of that, there is a new type of delegation certificate to delegate (stake) to a stake pool and (votes) to a drep simultaneosuly stake-address stake-and-vote-delegation-certificate. Note that change is not included on 8.3 but will come on 8.4. Removing --conway-era flag from all the transaction sub-commands.

Update description fields in delegation certificates from Stake Address Delegation Certificate to respectively (Conway onwards):

  • Stake Delegation Certificate
  • Vote Delegation Certificate
  • Stake and Vote Delegation Certificate






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