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Ledger Team Update

· 2 min read
Alexey Kuleshevich

High level summary

The Ledger team's focus is still mainly on the Conway era implementation.

We were able to add ability to specify initial Constitutional Comittee and the initial version of Constitution. Priority in which Governance Action are now enacted matches the specification. DRep's deposits are now properly accounted for. Governance actions that are not allowed to be voted on by Stake Pool operators and Constitutional Committee members are prevented by transaction submission failure, rather than simply being ignored. There was a few important CDDL fixes as well as a lot of new round trip serialization tests. Constraint based testing framework has also received a lot of improvements.

Low level summary

Conway era

  • pull-3681 - Conway Genesis additions
  • pull-3690 - Preserve the order of ProposalProcedures
  • pull-3705 - Removed ProtVer from EnactState
  • pull-3700 - Add conway-specific certs to deposit/refunds
  • pull-3704 - Add comments on deprecating certs to Conway CDDL
  • pull-3698 - Reordering of governance actions
  • pull-3712 - Disallow empty fields in ConwayTxBodyRaw
  • pull-3716 - Abstract threshold calculation
  • pull-3725 - Fix mistaken use of dollar sign in cddl files
  • pull-3718 - Predicate failure for mismatched Voter GovAction
  • pull-3721 - Committee expiration, validation and modification

Improvements and releasing


  • pull-3730 - Implement Show instance for Rep using IsTypeable
  • pull-3697 - Rewrite testEql using Typeable to make it impossible to forget cases
  • pull-3709 - Add many new features to the Constrained modues in cardano-ledger-test
  • pull-3726 - Conway and other eras serialization roundtrip tests
  • pull-3713 - Improve CI resiliency against GitHub issues